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Warrior Queens The Warrior Queens is a book project I finish almost a year ago but publishing is sometimes a very...

What's going on here?

Bug Logic writes custom code for custom web sites.

In other words:

If what you want doesn't already come from a box, Bug Logic might be able to help.

Websites for Artists

Comes with a nifty shopping cart!
Info on that

Websites for Enterprise

A lot of code has been written here to support various types of business needs and doing this sort of thing, when it makes people's lives clearly better is pretty satisfying work.

Some of the stuff
Custom RMA with direct customer interfaces
Custom ECN with direct look at customer data
Event Ticketing with scan-ready bar codes
Art competition manager / artwork uploads, judging portal and payment collection.
Custom CRM for existing customer databases and leads
Get in touch.
All things are possible.

Beloved Non-Profit

501(c)(3) public charity
Because it was the right thing to do
Programmed entirely by the BugLogic brain trust, our 501(3)(c) nonprofit provided free web sites to teachers for six years.

We managed to maintain sites for over 50,000 teachers and almost one million students also had accounts.

Due to lack of funding, we had to shut the site down in April of 2016, but it was sure fun and rewarding to do while it lasted!

A Small Sampling of excellent clients

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