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Postcards from the Road
by Carl Wiens
posted: September 2, 2014
Here are the numbers: 21 Days - July 5 to 25 10,072 km (6,258 miles) 115 hours of driving 1,036 L of...

What's going on here?

Bug Logic writes custom code for custom web sites.

In other words:

If what you want doesn't already come from a box, Bug Logic might be able to help.

At Work

A few samples simple and complex

Water Footprint Calculator

From National Geographic
How much water do you really use?

Little Lola

From Harper Collins
Children's book site.

P. Terry's

The Texas hamburger chain

Mountain Marble

Clean and simple web brochure

Beloved Non-Profit

501(c)(3) public charity
Because it's just the right thing to do
Programmed entirely by the BugLogic brain trust, providing teachers and schools free web sites. Really, free.

Right Now:

24,929 schools
51,939 teachers
789,383 students

Just for fun

Sometimes you just have to goof off...

Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

Gone but not forgotten
go there

It really is!
go there